Week 3 – Public Relations Trends

The reading’s from this week made me think more about Public Relations practice and contemplate how technology might advance in the up coming years and how this will affect people in the field of Public Relations.

As technology continues to evolve, practically anyone can get their story, thoughts or opinions viewed throughout the World Wide Web, therefore, I believe it is going to be especially important for Public Relations practitioners to be able to give evidence and factual information of their company and their aim of any sort of campaign as fewer become trusting in what is said via the media and more trusting in word of mouth. It will be important for those who are looking to develop in the field of Public Relations to watch how technology and media develops in different nations, as each country will differ due to culture, and their economic state. For example, those high economic areas in America, such as L.A and New York will advance at a much quicker rate then those living in remote areas in countries such as Africa, however technology in these areas will still advance and I believe this development should be a point of interest to all future or current Public Relation practitioners.

Throughout my findings, i came across this blog, written by a man in Hong Kong who has worked for almost two decades in the field of Public Relations and advertising, and what he predicts to be some of the big social media trends to watch in 2011. I found this link interesting as it was a view coming from somewhere other then Australia or America, of whom seem to take much of the media spotlight.



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