Week 3 – Wider Theoretical Concepts

Well, the overwhelming number of theoretical practices in Public Relations continues to rise ! In the past week, between readings and discussions in class, there was further discussion about even more theoretical practises within the field of Public Relations.

What stood out to me however, was how different subjects apply to the field of Public Relations. For example, there was reference made to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, a concept covered in my studies of Psychology in year 12 ! However not only was reference made to Psychology, but also to Rhetoric and the importance it plays in the field of Public Relations. Rhetoric is another subject that most students undertaking this course would be involved in, therefore demonstrating that as practitioners, we need to have an understanding of a wide variety of subject fields as any additional knowledge we have on a topic or subject, could be the extra edge we need to convince our intended audience that what we are trying to convey is completely worthwhile.

However, the point that I found most interesting about last weeks topics and discussion is the discussion of females in the field of PR and how there is actually a perspective named after us ! (‘the female perspective’). The encyclopedia of Public Relations states that in earlier times, men were the dominant sex in PR, however, since about the 1980’s, this has changed drastically, and now women make up over 70% of the profession ! But really, does this come as a surprise to anyone? 


The blog above describes various brilliant reasons as to why women more so excel in the PR field then men do, as a result of differing characters and traits that us as professional women hold.


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