Week 7 – Management Challenges

From this weeks tutorial notes, there are various factors that I consider to be key elements for any person in Public Relations, and especially those in Public Relations Management.

1) Communication communication communication !
This is not only with their clients, but also vitally important within the organisation and with other employees. We gain so much knowledge through communication and listening to every day conversations with family, friends, employees and so forth. Being in Public Relations, communication is always going to play a vital part of anyones career, in order to effectively communicate the intended ideas of ones campaign to our clients.

2) Media/Technology awareness.
Yes, I’m aware I have mentioned the importance of being aware just about every sort of technologic output but as people’s lives are becoming busier and busier, and less time is being spent at home, a manager of Public Relations needs to be able to engage with their clients in any, and more importantly, any way in which they are able to get their message across, in short terms, through mobile phones, internet, social media websites and magazines.

3) Being 100% aware of your objective in every campaign made.
There is no point of attempting something if you don’t think it is going to deliver the message you are intended, or be able to persuade the audience to believe what it is you are trying to convey. Campaigns, depending on how you are advertising them, can be ridiculously pricey, and although i am only limited in my Public Relations knowledge, I’m sure no company would appreciate money being thrown around. However, if something is not as effective as one would have liked, rather than get annoyed and forget what happened, sit down with others and analyse what went wrong to ensure the same mistakes are not made, e.g. where the right communication devices used, were they affective, was the right audience being targeted ect.

This blog, written by Grant, makes reference to even more issues that believes causes problems within the field of public relations.

At the end of the day, Public Relations is highly involved in the field of communication. If communication between the PR individual and it’s client is lacking or weak, then issues will automatically arise.


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