week 8 – Campaigns, strategies, tactics and much more

‘Strategy is a plan or method by which you are going to achieve a specific goal in a contested enviroment’

There are many different components that one must be aware about in order to make a successful campaign. In order to be successful, one must identify the following:

The goal of the campaign – what it is you wish to achieve from the campaign
The objectives – What is the message you want to send to the publics, linked to the main goal and focus of the campaign
Identify tactics – How the campaign will be advertised and presented throughout the media, will there be flyers? A press release? News updated via social media sites? The use of celebrity promotion? The options are endless.
However, what tactics will be implied into a campaign will be influenced by a variety of factors including:

  • How financially well of the organisation is
  • What ages or groups of people are being targeted. For example, it may not be appropriate for a campaign that is targeted at teenagers to promote themselves in magazines and newspapers, but more so through social media, posters, and television advertisements.
  • Where the campaign is being targeted. The way in which Australia approaches a campaign would be different to a campaign that is being promoted in the middle east of in African cities due to differing resources.
    and many more

An important part of a campaign which can often be forgotten is the process of evaluation. Once the campaign is over, those in charge of the campaign will need to evaluate the success of the campaign, whether it was effective, and if it wasn’t, why so, and how this can be improved in order to benefit future campaigns so the same mistakes are not made

Consultant, Stephen Davies, makes reference to what he believes are the essential ’12 steps’ in order to make a successful campaign, in the blog below.



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