Week 4 – Public relations theory

In order to understand the theoretical practices of Public Relations, once must first consider, what is a theory?
Is a theory merely something we believe to be untrue? Something that can not be proven? A conspiracy based on one’s beliefs?
The word net website (wordnetweb.princeton.edu/perl/webwn) defines theory ” as a belief that can guide behavior ”

If we apply this to the field of Public Relations, a theory is a belief that can aid a practitioner to a successful campaign.

However, in order to do so, the practitioner must take an array of vital aspects  by  into consideration when developing their campaign, such as the aim , who they are targeting, and how the message they are trying to portray will be most effective.

Personally, I believe it would be interesting to see how Public Relations theories have developed and changed over time, with the development of technology and communication, especially in the last couple of years. Technology right now is the key element to Public Relations, and how it currently applies to technology is a topic of interest. This seems quite repetitive but as PR practitioners we can not stress enough how important it is to maintain on top of this forever growing phenomena.

At this point of time, the thought of trying to understand and differ all the various theories listed in the textbook Public Relations ; An introduction to theory & practice, as well as those that we discuss during class seems highly overwhelming. To try to analyse each theory and decide which would be the most suitable for differing events and campaigns, in this point in time, appears to be a lot to take in, but I hope that with time, a lot of patience, as well as discussion with those in my classes, that slowly this will become clearer and easier to break down and apply to my work. 


Week 3 – Public Relations Trends

The reading’s from this week made me think more about Public Relations practice and contemplate how technology might advance in the up coming years and how this will affect people in the field of Public Relations.

As technology continues to evolve, practically anyone can get their story, thoughts or opinions viewed throughout the World Wide Web, therefore, I believe it is going to be especially important for Public Relations practitioners to be able to give evidence and factual information of their company and their aim of any sort of campaign as fewer become trusting in what is said via the media and more trusting in word of mouth. It will be important for those who are looking to develop in the field of Public Relations to watch how technology and media develops in different nations, as each country will differ due to culture, and their economic state. For example, those high economic areas in America, such as L.A and New York will advance at a much quicker rate then those living in remote areas in countries such as Africa, however technology in these areas will still advance and I believe this development should be a point of interest to all future or current Public Relation practitioners.

Throughout my findings, i came across this blog, written by a man in Hong Kong who has worked for almost two decades in the field of Public Relations and advertising, and what he predicts to be some of the big social media trends to watch in 2011. I found this link interesting as it was a view coming from somewhere other then Australia or America, of whom seem to take much of the media spotlight.


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